Flozone Measurement LTD Product Line

At Flozone Measurement, we understand that customers are looking for the most reliable source for their production equipment. Flozone Measurement has the highest standards to meet today’s industry needs for the most durable process applications. Flozone Measurement takes pride in servicing our customers taking no shortcuts in the quality of our product offerings. Flozone Measurement is an OEM Fabricator/Integrator who will customize to fit your application.

Flozone Measurement manufactures production equipment specifically designed for your process applications. Flozone offers a variety of Separators and Vessels, many of which can be trailer mounted. Our separators can be horizontally or vertically built configured to coalesce, condense, and help remove liquids entrained in gas. Flozone offers a patented design for Water Knock Out (WKO) upstream or inlet side of gas meter runs, and helps with square root error for low pressure applications.

We also offer Gas Production Systems, Vapor Recovery Towers, Line Heaters, and PIG Launcher/Receiver systems. When it comes to manufacturing production equipment, Flozone will ensure the reliability, durability, and engineered construction in conformance with the ASME Code manufacturing standards.

Flozone Measurement can also build custom fit applications for Pipeline or Gathering applications. Call us today and let us know what we can do for you.

  • Flow Sic600
    Ultrasonic meters provide several advantages over differential pressure meters such as improved rangeability, a higher turndown, no calibration and valuable diagnostics. The FLOWSIC600 DRU, an innovative dual-path ultrasonic meter is tailor-made for upstream and gathering applications. Specially adapted sensors and path layout combines the benefits of a FLOWSIC600 with an unmatched reliability and robustness for upstream conditions. The special 10D upstream piping allows for high measurement accuracy even without high-pressure calibration, resulting in faster ROI due to the lower operational costs of a virtually maintenance-free meter.
  • Flow Conditioning Devices
    Flozone straightening vanes are manufactured to the latest AGA standards in a variety of schedules and sizes) using carbon steel or stainless steel=Vane Bundles are available in flange type (FTSV) or line type (LTSV). All vanes are welded at both ends, with both inlets and outlets reamed to produce minimum pressure drop.
  • Liquid Knockouts
    Liquid knock-outs can be mounted to the upstreanm of a meter tube to shut down producers when they send you liquid. A drain is provided at the bottom of the knock out to drain fluid and immediately resume gas flow. This allows producers to recover oil accidently sent to the gas stream. The knock-out can be custom fabricated or bolted to your existing meter tube. This product is a patented product with a code stamp reference to satisfy all regulatory needs of pipeline regulation requirements.
  • Replacement Parts
    Flozone inventories replacement parts for Daniel, Senior and Simplex style orifice fittings from 2" - 36" in Carbon steel and stainless steel. Parts for 2” – 12” fittings are stock items in both carbon steel and stainless steel with short lead times on 14”-36" parts.
  • Orifice Plates
    Flozone offers two (2) styles of orifice plates: universal style (U.O.P.) designed for orifice fittings, and paddle style (P.T.O.P.) designed for orifice flanges. Universal styles are offered in sizes 2”- 36” with DVS bonding available for 10” and above. Paddle plates are available in ½” – 30” line size. Thickness for both styles are available in 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2". Both styles are manufactured in 304SS and 316SS from stock with other materials available upon request.


  • Orifice Daniel Senior™ Fitting
  • Orifice Daniel Simplex™ Fitting
  • (OFU) Orifice Flange Unions
  • TMCO SS Dual Chamber
  • TMCO Fitting
  • TMCO SS Single Chamber

Production Equipment

  • Code Vessel manufacturing
  • Pump skids
  • Three Phase Separator Metering Skid
  • DRU-S installed
  • Water Knockout (WKO)
  • Production units

Ultrasonic Meters

  • DRU-S 550
  • DRU
  • Emerson 3415

Measurement Systems

  • Ultrasonic Meter Run Packages
  • Meter tube packages
  • Fuel Regulator Skids
  • Meter tubes with WKO
  • Ultrasonic Meter Run Packages
  • Custom Skid Manufacturing

OEM Products

  • Orifice Plates & Sealing options
  • Plates and Seals
  • Flow Conditioning devices
  • Orifice Fitting replacement parts
  • OEM Orifice Fitting internals
  • CPA Flow Conditioners